About Me

I am a designer living and working in Chico California. I was born in Crescent City, California, but I grew up in West Memphis, Arkansas. As a young boy I was always drawing and dreaming of far away places. I started painting at the age of 22 and that quickly took me in the direction of commercial art and design. In Memphis my first art job was a silkscreen printer for an architectural sign company. I also worked with an architectural illustrator producing renderings of buildings and architectural models. These jobs grounded me in the technical skills of producing art for commercial purposes. I moved back to California in 1997 and a year after that moved to Chico to study graphic design at CSU Chico. After getting my BA in graphic design I went to work for the CSU Chico Research foundation where I was part of a team that designed the identity for the Bureau of Land Management National Landscape Conservation System and produced over 35 illustrations for California Scenic Byways. 
I am presently a graphic designer with Engelbrecht Advertising in Chico.

A kid who dreamed of far away places now lives, works and creates there every day.